Monochrome and Gentium

As you can see, I've switched my blog to monochrome. I've also switched to using the Gentium font if you have it. If you don't, do yourself a favor and download it (a ZIP archive; for the Mac and Linux RPM formats, see the download page).


Anonymous said...

It's a shame Gentium isn't any more free than the Microsoft Core Web fonts. Debian can't include it because people pressing Debian CDs are allowed to (horror) charge for the media.

I'm pleased with Gentium. At low point sizes, it's competitive with Georgia. OK, typefaces are not a horserace, but at low resolution, readability can be objectively measured.

In terms of utility, it's way behind Georgia, which has a bold and bold italic, zillions of kern pairs, and better hinting across TTF engines, especially in the italic.

Gentium does have a fair number of glyphs I've never seen before (see http://scripts.sil.org/cms/scripts/render_graphic.php?site_id=nrsi&type=graphic_in_html&title=Popup&filename=../sites/nrsi/media/Gentium_ext_r_lc.png for the home viewers) but I'm just not convinced the utility of this overrides the pain of not being able to modify or redistribute in the same way I can with Vera.

Anonymous said...

Also, there are now no visible cues in your HTML site that something is a link, much less an unvisited link. Lucky for me I read you through an feed reader that ignores your style "hints".

John Cowan said...

Sorry about that. I've removed the CSS that colors links, so they now take on your default colors.

The SIL license is rather strange: it says you can't bundle the font with an "application", but at the same time that Gentium "can be placed on web sites or CD-ROMs as long as no charge is made for their use" (emphasis added). AFAIK, no Debian reseller charges for the use of Debian CDs.

On the gripping hand, Debian's licensing rules go way past what is open source or free software.

Anonymous said...

read the license again: the four freedoms are there: bundling is encouraged only direct reselling is restricted. But as a package with other things in a online or off-line repo - yes that's a cd - it's fine.