Chapter titles

These are the chapter titles of Hal Clement's novel Fossil: Isaac's Universe, exactly as given on the table of contents, except that I have titlecased and punctuated them.

  1. Where jumpers suffer more from wind than weight,
  2. And air is made for swimming, not for flight,
  3. The best precautions may be taken late
  4. And icy death can come from sunlit night.
  5. Here hills maintain their stance no more than waves
  6. And clearest trails the keenest minds misguide:
  7. A closely followed road no distance saves
  8. And clues may oft but little help provide.
  9. Clear sight may not provide the clearest view;
  10. The closest search may furnish but a hint;
  11. But new light on a scene may show it true
  12. And word unknown guide straighter than a print.
  13. Every idea has to face its test
  14. And still be "only theory" at its best.

There is also an Epilogue.

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