There is too a rhyme for "month"

"The answer then," said Dr. Brown
Who's worked on it a month,
"Isn't merely xn,
It's xn+1."


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it need to be:

"Isn't merely the x^{n}th,
It's the x^{n+1}th."

John Cowan said...

When I see x^{n}, I automatically read it "x to the nth". YMMV.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm Nathan

An acceptable rhyme for Month may not need to go by x^{n+1}th. Simply just say words and you could come up with acceptable ones like:Month

The "ch" & the "th" have a somewhat similarity about them... the only differece would be one sounds like soft white noise (th) and the other sound like loud white noise(ch) when extending the sound... Oh and the obvious "c" instead of "t". gimme some more challenging rhymes to do if you want and I will see if I can do them. sirnat_han@hotmail.com

Wastrel said...

As I said in a newsgroup years ago:

September is the ninth month.
And not the tenth or millionth.