In das Void-Captains-Tale a Norman Spinrad (si, Spinrad qua sf), all personnes including das narrator usen their eigen sprach, made up of multi words de multi lingui mischmosched en ways unpredictable. Voidisch es in essence un ancestor d'Europanto. Lamentable, das Void-Captains-Tale es apres print, sondern I have geordered same de an apres-print libreria via www.abebooks.com fur multi $$$, .oi.

An ander version de Voidish/Europanto es Euro, in das sf novel The-Computer-Connection a Alfred Bester. This novel multi conlinguini gehabt (although das narration es in standard Inglese), including das lang commun d'U.S., Black Spanglish -- das Beatitudes en B.S. es most amazing. 20th-cicle Inglese, benamt "XX" ("twenty", no "exex") in das book, has an cifre secret d'Group, an collectie d'immortals, gewerden. Euro spielt an role comparativement minor, sondern es mentioned, that es funny to say "Tante danke" when das phrase proper es "Grazie sehr". So Euro haben more rules than Voidish, I guess.


Update: Heute eu have this post getagged so "eur", d'langage tag pro Europanto.

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John Cowan said...

That's sort of the point.

Anyhow, the underlying syntax is English, with only a few minor deviations like putting some adjectives after their verbs.