My nose is shinier

I quoted the following exchange of dialogue on a mailing list a few years ago:

"I know more big words than you do!"
"But I can spell them better."
"My hair is wavier."
"My nose is shinier."
"But listen freak, do you have your very own Galactic technology flies-through-the-air SURFBOARD, hmmmmmm?"
     --Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom

Not unnaturally, another participant wanted to know what Norrin Radd was doing in the conversation all of a sudden. I explained that at this particular point in the Marvel Universe, Dr. Doom had seized control of the Power Cosmic (including the surfboard) from the Silver Surfer. The tale's retold here and here; the latter page displays marvelous cover art showing Victor Von Doom Silver-Surfer-ized.

But as you might well suppose, this particular conversation is not from any straight Fantastic Four issue. Rather, it comes from Marvel's short-lived late-60s self-parody, Not Brand Ecch, which featured (among other things) the adventures of Charlie America, the Inedible Bulk, and the Mighty Sore*, as well as Forbush-Man, the superhero identity of Marvel janitor Irving Forbush, frequently referred to in the letters column.

* Punchline of a joke: "You're Thor? I won't be able to thit down for a week!

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