HTML attributes that are URIs

This is a list of HTML 4.01 attributes of type URI and what they are about.

a/@hrefhypertext reference
applet/@codebaselocal base URI
area/@hrefhypertext reference
base/@hrefglobal base
blockquote/@citesource of quotation
body/@backgroundbackground image
del/@citeexplanation of change
form/@actionserver-side form handler
frame/@longdesclong description
frame/@srcsource of frame content
head/@profilenamed dictionary of metainfo
iframe/@longdesclong description
iframe/@srcsource of frame content
image/@longdesclong description
img/@srcimage reference
img/@usemapclient-side image map
input/@srcimage references
input/@usemapclient-side image map
ins/@citeexplanation of change
link/@hrefhypertext reference
object/@classididentifies an implementation
object/@codebaselocal base URI
object/@dataobject's data
object/@usemapclient-side image map
q/@citesource of quotation


Mark Baker said...

I've seen that list before, circa 1999. I was in the HTML WG at the time, and we were looking at the suitability of XLink as a generic linking mechanism for XHTML.

Unknown said...

HTML Attributes are property of the elements which may have values and these attribute values are always enclosed in quotes. It’s providing to the browser with some additional information about an elements how the elements should appear or behave. HTML elements can contain one or more attributes, attribute names and attribute values are case-insensitive and separated by an equals (=) sign.

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