I published this back in 2001. Don't believe a word of it.

MAY 15 (Reuters) The comedy and linguistics team of Joe Greenberg and Doug Adams is no more. Greenberg, 85, died a week ago of cancer; Adams, 49, on Friday of an unexpected heart attack. Greenberg's last words are reported to have been "Adams still lives!"

They were best known for their masterwork Hitchhiker's Guide to the World's Languages, which followed the fictionalized adventures of a group of planet-hopping travelers, joined by a British everyman named Arthur Dent. A biting satire of technology, politics, bureaucracy, and the multiple origins hypothesis, the book sold nearly 14 million copies around the world.

An earlier work, Life, the Universe, and Africa, was the subject of furious controversy at first, with its partition of all African languages into four giant families, but is now generally accepted by scholars in the field. Greenberg's solo work Dirk Gently, Linguistic Typologist is said to be one of the most cited works in comic linguistics.

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