I'm being laid off ...

... so I'm looking for work. Though I've been a programmer most of my professional life, I've spent the last four years doing document schema design and ontology. I have survived quite a lot of generations of programming technologies, so I am nothing if not adaptable. For any given tech-of-the-moment, my answer is "I may not know it yet, but I will know it very quickly."

If you, my readers, know of anything either in New York City or its environs, or in telecommuting land (I've been working mostly-at-home for the last four years, and especially in the past year), I would certainly like to hear about it. Here's my resume in Word and PDF formats, and you can contact me at cowan@ccil.org.

Update:  After working a bunch of short-term consulting jobs, I am now employed full-time as a back-end programmer and team lead at Tablet Hotels, an online travel agent specializing in boutique and specialized hotels, which we check out individually.


Siganus said...

"Not Found
The requested URL /~cowan/resume.pdf was not found on this server."

If the résumé cannot be opened from the link, does it mean that you don't need to show it anymore, i.e. that you have found work?

VernNYC said...

It seems to be the year for being let go. My job at JPMC was eliminated.