The rumors that I've left Google are true

My last working day there was April 13, and I'm actively looking for work now.  If you know of anyone in the NYC area who wants a high-powered generalist who can work with both people and computers, please let me know.

Thanks, and thanks to everyone who's been sending me good wishes and job postings.


Anonymous said...

Why not enter the lucrative world of professional conlanging?

Anonymous said...

There's a world of professional conlanging?!?!?

Looks like I won't get to visit the Legendary Google Cafeteria. Pah! ;-)

Good luck, John!

.a'o do ba gunka lo melbi

nn said...

I am sorry and hope that you find a good job soon.

I'd like my children to improve their English skills and make conversation with a native speaker but flying out here once a week would be too expensive...

Siganus said...

The rumour hasn't reached Mars yet, but it shall. I hope this last month has been jobseekingly fruitful. (In fact I never knew you were working at Google.)

Rosen Creature said...

Hi, John-
This link reminded me of you.