Regularized Inglish: wordlists

Here are some Regularized Inglish wordlists from Wijk.
The following words (from a list of the 1000 most frequent words) have the stressed vowel changed:
abuv, afternoone, agen, agenst, aul, aulmoste, aulreddy, aulso, aultho, aulways, amung, anuther, anser, eny, enything, ask, baul, bair (verb), bayr (noun), beutiful, beuty, becoz, becum, beloe, blud, bloe, branch, breik, bruther, braught, bild, bilding, bilt, bisness, bisy, bye (for "buy"), caul, can't, chance, chainge, Shicago, class, cullour/cullor, cum, cumming, command, cumpany, controel, cood, coodn't, cuntry, corse, cort, cuver, dance, dainger, ded, deth, demand, discuver, doo, duz, duzn't, dun, doen't, dor, dubble, erly, erth, yther/eether, Ingland, Inglish, enuff, example, ie (for "eye"), faul, flor, floe (for "flow"), foar (for "four"), frend, frunt, fooll (for "full"), guvernment, grant, grass, greit, groope, groe, haf, haul, hed, helth, herd (for "heard"), hart (for "heart"), heven, hevy, hight, insted, iorn, jurnal, knoe, knoen, knolledge, laf, lern, Lundon, looze, luv, loe, loer, mashien, meny, mesure, munney, munth, muther, moove(ment), nyther/neether, nun (for "none"), nuthing, wunce, wun, oenly, uther, aught (for "ought"), oen, peeple, plesant, plesure, pritty, proove, pooll (for "pull"), poot (for "put"), quorter, red (for "read"), reddy, receev, remoove, roel, sault, sed, ses, shoo, shood (for "should"), shoelder, shoe (for "show"), smaul, snoe, sum(thing,times), sun (for "son"), soel, spred, strainge, tauk, taul, tair, thare, tharefore, tho, thaught, thru, tuch, tord (for "toward"), trubble, too (for "two"), waul, wont (for "want"), wor (for "war"), worm (for "warm"), wos, wosn't, wosh, Woshington, wotch, wauter, wair, wether, whot(ever), whare, hoo, hoel, hoome (for "whom"), hooze, wooman, wimmen, wunder(ful), woen't, wurd, wurk, wurld, wood (for "would"), woodn't, yoo, yung, yoor(self), yoo'r, yoothe.
And here are the words that have an unstressed vowel changed. Most unstressed vowel spellings are left alone in Regularized Inglish, but these are changed to avoid confusion.
capten, certen, certenly, mounten, forren, felloe, folloe, folloeing, narroe, tomorroe, windoe, yelloe.
From the same list, changes involving adding or removing a final e:
afternoone, childe, wilde, behinde, finde, kinde, minde, winde (verb), sine (for "sign"), moste, poaste, bothe, truthe, coole, foode, foole, moone, roofe, roome, scoole, soone, gon, Europ, ar, wer, figur, promis, purpos, minut, hav, giv, liv, nativ, believ, leav, serv, twelv, themselvs.
And finally, words with changes in consonants:
caracter, dout, gard, onnour/onnor, our (for "hour"), iland, lissen, ov, offen, scoole, shugar, shure, studdy, sugest, sunn, winn.
Here are the analogous lists for the next most frequent 1000 words:
accumpany, ahed, aincient, eny(body,wun,way), arrainge, baught, boe, boel, bred, brekfast, brest, breth, braud, bery, boosh, cam (for "calm"), cassle, chaimber, clark/clerk, curnel, cumfort(able), cupple, currage, cuzin, daingerous, discuvery, disese, duzen, ern, everywhare, exchainge, faulen, faulse, flud, foek, faught, foarth, frend(ly,ship), foolly (for "fully"), glance, gloe, guvernor, greitly, groen, groth, hunney, improove, jurney, kee, lether, luvly, luver, mashienery, magazien, ment, utherwise, oe, oener, poliece, poar, prayr, poosh, quolity, quontity, quorrel, rainge, recaul, recuver, ruff, rute, roe, scaircely, serch, seeze, shoen, sloe (for "slow"), sloely, sum(wum,whot,where), saught, sorce, suthern, steddy, strainger, thare'z, thred, thretten, thruout, throe (for "throw"), throen, tung, tresure, unknoen, wonder (for "wander"), worn (for "warn"), welth, woolf, wunn (for "won"), wurker, wurry, wurse, wurship, wurst, wurthy, woonde, yoo'd, yoo'll, yoo'v.
automobiel, curten, equol, welcum, holloe, shaddoe, sorroe.
blinde, kindely, desine, worne, noone, shoote, smoothe, troope, handsom, determin, engin, examin, imagin, purchase, favourit/favorit, immediat(ly), opposit, privat, senat, separat (adj.), havn't, activ, representativ, observ, ourselvs, preserv, reserv.
ashure, clime, Crist(ian,mas), det, onnest, leag, Lincon, sacrifise, summ, shurely, sord, Tomas, whissle.
These lists probably contain minor errors of transcription.


Matt Brubeck said...

Where does 'shoo' come from?

John Cowan said...

"Shoe". The change is made because "oe" is pronounced as a long "o" in RI, that being the predominant pronunciation of "oe" in English, as in "toe", "floe", "roe", "doe".

Of course it now collides with the verb "shoo", but that's a minor matter.

Robert said...

You have clearly had a lot of fun with this JC. I enjoyed reading it very much. It will require re-reading reeling round the reeds in Reading.

stevo said...

"trooope" with three 'o's.

John Cowan said...