And so it begins

Well, my original plan was to write my own blogging software so that I could selectively blog some of the 20-odd emails a day that I wrote. Instead, I dropped off most of my mailing lists, and I don't write nearly so many emails any more. So there's no further reason not to use standard blogging software.

Anyhow, I am John Cowan and I am what is called a walking encyclopedia. I'm also a middle-aged walking encyclopedia, so I'm going to use this space to jot down things I know that other people might not. That way they'll remain available (I hope) even when I am not.

If I get disgruntled with this software, I may move the blog somewhere else. I'll keep the title intact, though: Recycled Knowledge. (Only 51 ghits for the phrase as of now.)

If you want to talk to me interactively, I'm often to be found on the #swhack channel on irc.freenode.net.

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