The English-speaking nations.

The English-speaking nations include Rightpondia and Begrudgeria in Europe, Leftpondia and Northicia (pronounced with four syllables) in America, Bharattia and Qasimia in South Asia, Sarfeffrica and Cecilia in Southern Africa, Scamfundia in West Africa, North and South Safaria in East Africa, and Downundria and Aotearoa in Oceania. Island nations include Lumpia off East Asia, Rafflia off South Asia, and Dreadlockia in the Caribbean.  Rightpondia may further be divided into the six sub-nations of Londonia, Eboracia, Stannia, Bagpipia, N'Iron, and Quaint.

(ISO codes: GB, IE, US, CA, IN, PK, ZA, ZW, NG, KE, TZ, AU, NZ, PH, JM.  The sub-nations have no ISO codes as such.)

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